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Thank you for joining the Marquette University Linux Users Group (MULUG). MULUG is intended to serve as a community to share experiences, assist others, and delve deeper into the wide array of OS's and software the open source community has to offer. Everyone receiving this email is currently a member of our mailing list: mulug-users{at}mscs{dot}mu{dot}edu. This list is intended for use as a forum to offer suggestions and ask questions. Should you ever have questions you wish to address solely to the executive board, send an email to the mulug-dev{at}mscs{dot}mu{dot}edu mailing list.

Don't forget about our next meeting on Thursday, November 8th. We'll begin planning for the meeting shortly, so please send any recommendations for topics to mulug-dev{at}mscs{dot}mu{dot}edu. Also, please spread the word to other Linux users you know on campus. Have a great Fall Break!

Aaron Gember

MULUG President

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