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* [[Risk Modeling for Pyroclastic Volcano Flows]].  Mentor [ Dr. Elaine Spiller]
* [[Risk Modeling for Pyroclastic Volcano Flows]].  Mentor [ Dr. Elaine Spiller]
* [[Data Assimilation For Fluid Dynamic Models]].  Mentor [ Dr. Elaine Spiller]
* [[Data Assimilation For Fluid Dynamic Models]].  Mentor [ Dr. Elaine Spiller]
* [[Natural Gas Forecasting]].  Mentor [ Dr. George Corliss]
High Performance Computing:
High Performance Computing:

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Welcome to the Marquette University MSCS Department REU Wiki


Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates

Computation Across the Disciplines

Poster for REU 2012.png

Throughout science and engineering fields, the availability of cheap computer processing power is driving increased interest in large-scale and multi-scale problems that were previously thought to be intractable or unsolvable through traditional methods. The rise of high-throughput, parallel, and distributed computing technologies has created a great need for researchers and practitioners with a deep understanding of computer science, mathematical modeling and statistical methods who can work across disciplines to build real solutions. This can include developing new computational methodologies, computer software and/or computer systems, as well as new theoretical models.

Fitzgerald-finaldata.jpg XINUNetStack-Print.jpeg Fitzgerald-bestfit.jpg Beine-gpu.png Regis-AssimvsTrue.jpg

At the same time, ever smaller computing platforms have inserted computation into mobile, embedded, and ubiquitous realms of human experience that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago. Energy consumption of both massive computing clusters and battery-operated appliances is of great concern.

Kanter-overview.png Stochl-flow.png Whitley-usb.png Regis-driftertop.png Bajzek-BashCycle.png

Our mentor research areas lie in all of these areas, as well as in how people learn to work in these fields, and how we prepare the next generation of students to explore computational sciences and mathematics.

Kanter-graph2.png Bajzek-Daemon2.jpg Regis-vfield.png OBrien-axes.png Stochl-model.png

Application Process

Click here to learn about the Application Process.


Summer 2012 Research Areas

Research Areas for 2012 are currently under construction. Updates should be complete by end of January 2012.

Applied Mathematical Modeling:

High Performance Computing:

Embedded, Mobile, and Ubiquitous Systems:

Mathematics Education:

Projects from Previous Years

Summer 2011 Projects

Poster-2011-Rutarindwa-snapshot.png Poster-2011-Stochl-snapshot.png Poster-2011-Faronbi-snapshot.png Poster-2011-Fitzgerald-snapshot.png Poster-2011-Wert-snapshot.png Poster-2011-Barraza-snapshot.png Poster-2011-Beine-snapshot.png Poster-2011-Cowdy-snapshot.png Poster-2011-Bajzek-snapshot.png Poster-2011-Whitley-snapshot.png Poster-2011-Kanter-snapshot.png Poster-2011-OBrien-snapshot.png Poster-2011-Perez-snapshot.png Poster-2011-Grier-snapshot.png

Summer 2010 Projects

Summer 2009 Projects

Poster-2009-Berg-snapshot.png Poster-2009-Mallen-snapshot.png Poster-2009-OBrien-snapshot.png Poster-2009-Robertson-snapshot.png Poster-2009-SpillaneThurow-snapshot.png Poster-2009-WeisseVanEyck-snapshot.png Poster-2009-HeatonMohrStPeter-snapshot.png Poster-2009-Garms-snapshot.png Poster-2009-Pelzel-snapshot.png

All inquiries may be routed to the site coordinators, Dr. Dennis Brylow and Dr. Kim Factor.

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