2017 Wisconsin-Dairyland Programming Competition

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The Wisconsin-Dairyland chapter of the CSTA, in conjunction with the Marquette University chapters of ACM and UPE, welcomes high school students with Java or Scratch programming experience to participate in a morning of computer science problem solving and/or storytelling.

This year's Wisconsin-Dairyland Competition will again feature two divisions:

Java Division

A traditional team-based programming competition, modeled on the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. Teams of 3 or 4 students will have three hours and two computers to work collaboratively to solve problems similar in scope to Advanced Placement Computer Science exam questions. Points will be awarded based on the number of problems correctly solved and the time taken to solve, with appropriate penalties for incorrect submissions. Development environments available will most likely include Eclipse, NetBeans, WordPad + JDK, Cygwin tools and BlueJ.

See examples of problems from previous competitions:


You may find it useful to review our Programming Competition Preparation Notes.

Open/Scratch Division

Teams of 1 or 2 students will have three hours and one computer to implement a themed Scratch project. Submissions will be judged on creativity, use of key Scratch constructs, and theme correspondence. This division will be suitable for introductory students familiar with Scratch.


Competition location: Marquette University campus, in downtown Milwaukee

Competition date and time: Wednesday, April 19th, 2017, 9am CDT

Registration Fee: $60 / team in Java division (3 or 4 students). $30 / team in Open (Scratch) division.

Registration Deadline: March 22nd, Noon CDT. (Coaches who register no later than March 1st, will earn a competition T-shirt for themselves.)

This form is for coaches to register their teams for the competition:

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